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Welcome to Foam Partners

Supplier of Foams | Mattress Manufacturing | Packaging Solutions

Foam Partners is based in Bangalore and we supply PU Foam, EPE Foam, EVA/XLPE Foam in the form of sheets and rolls in different densities and standard dimensions in bulk quantity

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PU Foam | Polyurethane Foam | Flexible Foam

We supply soft flexible PU foams in various densities and dimensions as per end customer requirement for manufacturing of household products like Mattresses, Cushions, Furniture, Packaging applications in Textile industry, Quilting, Consumer products packaging, Automotive seating, Bra padding, Cushioning etc. The PU foams are supplied in low density, medium density and high density in the form of solid blocks, sheets and rolls in bulk quantity at competitive market price.


PU Foam


Low Density PU Foam

Medium Density PU Foam

High Density PU Foam


Foam Supplied in the form of:

Foam Rolls

Foam Sheets

Foam Blocks

Foam Cushions

Foam Dusters

EPE Foam Sheets and Rolls

Low Density Poly Ethylene expanded through extrusion and made lighter density EPE Foam sheets & rolls with density of 20-64 Kg/m3 are widely used in packaging and other industries like mattress manufacturing, cushioned furniture manufacturing, car/bus/truck body building industries and also in civil construction as substitute for polythene sheets and other similar materials. EPE not only serves as a cost-effective alternative for coir sheets, rubberized sheets and or other cushion effect sheet and roll products, but also serves as a highly environment friendly alternative as the product can be totally recycled if brought back into the plant and converted into granules and back into the production cycle again. In the most challenging global climate change situation EPE could surely be another humble way to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability.

EPE (Expanded Poly Ethylene) Foam:
EPE Foam rolls in 0.75 mm to 12.00 mm thickness
EPE Foam sheets – 15 mm to 100 mm and above
Fabricated EPE Foam products custom designed and made as per client requirement

EVA / XLPE Foam (Cross Linked)

EVA Foam Sheets

We supply EVA foam sheets in different densities and thickness, the sheets comes in standard 1×2 meter with different thickness.


COLOR: Black and White Other colors on request

SIZE: 1×2 Meter, 1.2 x2.4 Meter, 1.3×2.6 Meter


TOLRANCE: +/- 0.4 mm

Density: 75 +/- 5 Kg / cu Meter



The High Density EVA/ XLPE foam is widely used in Product packaging, Mats, Constructions, Kids puzzles, Foot wear etc.


XLPE is a closed cell, cross-linked, dual expansion PE / EVA foam manufactured by block process. The product offers unique features like good strength & mechanical properties at much lower weight. ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) has extremely fine micro-cellular structure and is an ideal choice for applications requiring – space fillers, display casings, aesthetic & non-toxic educational aids, toys etc. The product offers excellent buoyancy and is extensively preferred in recreational swimming aids & floating devices. ‘PROTEClitecell’ (XLPE) is a thermoformable foam packaging material.

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